Town History


Founded in April 8, 2005 by Piggy Ho Ho (i.e. me), for more info about me check the profile section of Bleu Ciel.

This town is basically a site that features my collection of Gundam SEED / SEED Destiny fanarts drawn in "chibi" (more or less means little and cute) style.

This town currently features the following sections:

School - SEED/Destiny characters in their school life, features school photos and student profiles

Zoo - SEED/Destiny characters if they were animals, features photo album, animal profiles and animal logs

Guestbook - A place to leave your messages

Cityhall - Where you learn about the town

Highway 24 - Town exit, links to other sites

Home - Return to front page

Though you may not repulish my arts in any way, you can save them for your own private enjoyment.

Gundam SEED / SEED Destiny characters belong to their rightful owners; I do not own the characters, I am simply a fan that's drawing them in chibi style.

Hope you will enjoy your stay. ;)


Previous Layouts:

Version 1

Version 2